BraveHawk® is AI enabled insect-pest control technology, its environment-friendly, non-toxic, next-generation technology for agricultural insect-pest management and sustainable farming; it’s designed to phase out highly hazardous toxic pesticides with the use of the artificial intelligence and biology.

The core of BraveHawk technology is our indigenously researched and developed Artificially Intelligent Second Generation Insect Communication System (AI2GENICS) for inducing a change in the behavior of insects and exploiting same to agregate and exterminate the herbivorous and omnivorous insect pest and safeguard  the farmer and crop prospective benefical insects Viz. Carnivorous insects, parasitoids and nectarepollen feeding bees (honey bee, bumbel bee, carpenter bees, etc).

The BraveHawk series devices shall enable millions of farmers, backyard gardeners and households across the world to eliminate the herbivorous and omnivorous insect-pests, those are harmful to plants and crops

BraveHawk series devices are designed attract and exterminate 2000 plus Genus: Species of flying herbivorous and omnivorous insect-pests; from following taxonomic order; that are harmful to the plants.

  • Hemiptera (True Bugs, cicadas, planthoppers, leafhoppers, Aphids(winged adults only), Mealybug(winged male), Scale (Winged male), shield bugs and Allies)

  • Coleoptera (Beetles)

  • Lepidoptera (Moths)

  • Isoptera (Termites- winged reproductive adults)

  • Orthoptera (grasshoppers, crickets, katydids, weta, lubber, Acrida, and locusts)

  • Diptera (Mosquito, midge, horsefly, etc.) 

  • Hymenoptera (Sawflies, ants-winged reproductive adults, etc.)

  • Thysanoptera (Thrips)

Ai-Enabled Broad-Spectrum Crop Protection Technology

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